Q: I have a major leak in trunk area of 2006 BMW X3. It ruined my battery Bluetooth on 2006 BMW X3

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I have been drying it out every time it rains or I go through car wash. I have recently removed panels in trunk and they are soaked. Any suggestions?
(2) Answers
I had a similar problem on my 2005 X3. I found the gasket between the tail lights and the body was bad. The tail lights would fill up and then the water would leak in around the bulbs. It ruined the Bluetooth and partially filled the battery compartment. I replaced the gasket and also very carefully drilled some small 'drain holes' in the bottom of the tail lights in case the gaskets failed again.
Trunk seal leaks can be tough to diagnose. Most of the time the best way is to get in the trunk with a very bright flashlight and close the lid. Have a helper spray very slowly around the seal at an agreed upon direction. Keep watching and you will find the leak.