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Q: I have a 2006 jeep commander. Codes p0700/p0730 on 2006 Jeep Commander

Was driving truck n rpm was up n down....couldn't accelerate, coast to side of road...cut truck off....started it back up, engine light came on. Went to AutoZone n those were my codes. Was better but now worse. Had fluids checked n was found no power steering fluid...replenished n still struggling to shift gears. Anyone available to tell me if they have same problem?
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I was told I needed a new trans. Now....I'm being told that trans is done but I need a solenoid plate. Could this be true? Feel I'm being shafted. A plow to get more money.
Yes I have an 06 3.7L V6.....mine goes into neutral (still indicates drive)
Bullshit pos vehicle
Please let me know if you figure out because I ha been told at least 5 totally different thing
I have an '06 Commando :-) v6 3.7L and I think I can help.
#1. How many miles are on your Jeep? (is it time for a tuneup? Battery check/spark plugs)
#2. Is your Check Engine light on? (if it EVER blinks: STOP DRIVING IMMEDIATELY!!!)
The codes from Autozone are in relation to your transmission. the p0730 is an incorrect gear ratio which means your truck is probably not shifting through the gears (especially 2nd) as it should..and that it doesn't take off good when you press the gas from a stand-still. If you have a v6 your transmission doesnt have a dipstick :-( and you'll need to take it to someone that can check it for you-DONT JUST GO ADDING FLUID at random. This model has a Mercedes engine and is very sensitive to overfilling. You'll probably find that you're low on tranny fluid :-0 in which case a GREAT mechanic will top you off (maybe a quart) and send you on your way if you don't have $$ or time to get it fixed right then. You'll want Mopar ATF+4 fluid. Have your Transmission pan checked and the gasket for leaks. If so, have it replaced...(also could be a bad o-ring causing the leak). I did this and my baby is BACK!!!! I got GREAT prices and quality/warrantied work done. Had also gotten a water pump put on. all this (in my area) was just under $500. Good Luck to you.
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