Q: i have 2000 chevy express 3500 having problem with transmission, on 2000 Chevrolet 3500 Pickup

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when i start driving after five minutes check engine light occurs on dash and gears stop shifting it runs only in first gear,then i stop and turn off ignition and wait for two or three minutes and start driving and then its ok,but check engine light still remain,if there is no check engine light it works goodi went to shop,they diagonos selonoids 1 and 2 is problem and i changed that but same problem, some time there it works good but most of the time not.i will be thankfull if somebody can help me
(2) Answers
was the shop you brought it to a tranny shop? if you are having tranny problems is always best to bring to tranny shop. it is their specialty. every once in a while the prob. turns out to be nothing more then loose or dirty wire connection to tranny. try bringing to a tranny shop for diagnostic. tranny tech. will advise.
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