Q: I can be driving and my car will shut off with no warning. on 1993 Infiniti J30

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The problem occurs every week. i have had a tune up and oil change. Once the car shuts off if I place it in neutral it does start back up. recently I had gotten off of the interstate and the car acted as if it weren't getting any gas. I pulled over cut it off, then started it again and it ran with no problem for about a mile then the same thing happened again.. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?
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The most likely problem is that you need to replace your fuel filter. This can be caused by the fuel pump failure as well. If replacing the fuel filter does not solve the problem, I would say you need to replace the pump as well.
i had similar issue with a couple other issues like random stalling and stalling at corners and low idle. i tried everything and ended up being bad mass air flow sensor. changed several other sensors i didnt need to and changed fuel pump fuel filter and regulators. only thing that fixed it was mass air flow sensor like a hundred bucks takes 2 minutes to change.
I have 1996 infinti j 30 same thing happen to me. It just shut off without warning. Couldn't figure out what's problem.