Q: I am getting a hot (exhaust) smell from under the vehicle middle to back on 2006 Mercedes-Benz C350 4MATIC

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After the car warms up you can smell (hot) from the drivers door back to the end of the car. All fluid levels are up, no flashing code or engine lights. Car still runs fine but you do have the hot smell. No visible leaks under the car.
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Trouble shooting this could be unsafe. Raise vehicle on side then block up.Look for broken hangers which could cause the clamps to loosen up. Visibly, they would look okay. Have a friend start it up. Start running your hand all around the pipes at all connection points( keep about 2 inches away) If it is leaking, you will feel it. If it had to do with EVAP, it would code out. If it had to do with O2S, It would code out. If you are feeling unsure, take it to your local Muffler shop. Goodluck, Help4u
Thanks for the reply. I found the issue and it was a heavy plastic bag that got wrapped around the exhaust pipe and melted. I have to use a torch to burn it off. Now I don't smell anything that is hot.