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I have a 2014 limited tucson. At 7000 miles I reported that it sounded like a Mack Truck the dealer said it was normal. At 18000 miles they replaced the engine. At 26000 Miles they changed it a 2nd time. Also soon after that my directional would not go off even with the car off and the key out. They replaced the BCM which I'm told was a major job. It also has a continuous transmission problem that when I go to take off its like in 2nd or third gear. It didn't happen the two times I took it in so it continues to be a problem. Hyundai is a garbage vehicle and the US should not allow them to be imported
went to have air bags replaced and in 1/2 hr was told I had over $2000 problems & said I should not drive out of lot, car could roll over? First of all I did not tell them to check my car. I called Hyundai and was told I would have to bring to another Hyundai dealer. Said I am afraid to drive car, I am a 76 year old senior. Said to have it towed asked if they would pay for tow, said no and asked how much to have it check out. More money. my car only has 4000 miles on it no problems ever and have old changed every 3 or 4 months. I feel that being a single senior I was taken for a dummy. I live on social security and can not afford this. Any suggestions. They also told me I could trade it in?? 12/29/14
I bought my U.S. built Tucson GL Dec 17, 2013 with 64,000 miles, so I've had it just over one month. It has a 2.0L with 5 speed manual and is FrtWD. I get 28 to 31 mpg in the city (seriously!) - I have not had it on the highway yet. Suspension is stiff and somewhat noisy. Lots of interior room. Rear defroster wasn't working. The 30A fuse was blown and it blows instantly when replaced, and the Air Bag 10A fuse was missing. After replacing it the Air Bag light stays on continually (someone didn't want to fix both problems obviously), so I have a couple of problems that need to be addressed. Purchased it through a dealer and decided to buy a 2 year, 24K limited power train warranty for an additional $400 just in case. Overall I am really enjoying it. It's my first Hyundai but I have had two Ford Escapes previously.
This car has been pretty good. At 50,000 miles the AC compressor went and they diagnosed it as the power steering unit so they both got replaced on warranty. They tried to sell me a timing belt at that time which I thought was premature but I think they needed the money. Now has 70000 and still running good. Will try to find local garage for timing belt. I am kind of disappointed that the AC only lasted 50K, that is poor quality parts.
I have no spark on one of my coil what will be the problem
Although this vehicle rides like a truck for the most part we love it. I would however suggest a few minor improvements. The side view mirrors creat a blind spot when parking and should be either moved slightly or the size and shape altered. The radio screen could be tipped down more as the text is not clearly viewable by the passenger when the driver is unable to turn their head and look at it. The horn is a bit "juvenile" for a tough "truck/car." It would be nice to have a pocketbook "stablizing hanger" on the side of the center console. All of these are minor and are tweaks but I would admit we are very pleased (99%) with our new car and would recommend it to family and friends
my car is 2007 model and reached 110000km, lately it has started giving problem like starting and i took it to the nearby workshop. They said glow plug has completely stopped working. Acordingly glow plug from dealer was asked...however while taking out one of the plug workshop dealer said carbon inside the plug has blasted......what shud we do to replace the plug.
I have had my 2007 Tucson for almost 6 years (bought it new) and it has been a wonderful car (small SUV). I have regular maintainence done, have had a new set of tires put on, and recently replaced the battery. Overall it has been very reliable. It is just a 4 cyl. and that is all I need to get around in. The suspension is stiff, but it is nice for multi-use -taking the dog to the vet, hauling items for yard work, etc. I would buy Hyundai again. Only suggestion...that gas mileage be improved for city use - it is a 4 cyl and could do better. It also does quite well in the snow....I've passed quite a few big trucks that cannot get up inclines...buzzed right past them.
my car is 4 wheel drive, am always using normal 2 wheel drive. in meter consol sometimes 2 wheel drive symbol glowing continously, it will go only switch off the engin and start again. Help me what i have to do, this is a serious issue?
Purchased car new. 2011 Tucson Limited FWD 4 CYLINDER . since day one, getting terrrrrible gas milage. supposed to get 22 city, 31 hwy. I am getting about 9 city and most ever 23 hwy. Been in shop for weeks.. for several issues. 9 months after purchase Taligate lifter went. 2 months later horn went. Dealer spent 3 weeks ripping apart steering wheel to fix.. finally third week. replaced horn and it worked. recently driver door handle would not open from inside. needed to open window and use outside. they ordered cable. needed handle. dealer rented car. waiting 3 days on repairs. brought car to several dealers in several states. could not find bad gas milage problem. no check engine light no repair. now my speedometer says going 60, digital speedometer says 31 MPH. no updates on regular basis. anyone has a suggestion. Went to dealer who had 6,000 off msrp. wanted to trade car in. when showed up.. bait and switch.. says dealer msrp after they add 6,000 worth of rim and detailing and..wood trim.. back to old msrp price. so raise price to lower price. what a rip off. Lied to my face.
car rides well. looks nice. just sick about bad gas mileage. # 1 reason I purchased car.
2011 Hyundai Tucson Limited owner with continuing ESC and TSC around 15k had to have it towed to a dealer b/c it would not shift out of or into park after the ESC/TSC lights came replaced the brake switch and said there would be no more at 27k, same issue...lights came on randomly in a car park,trouble getting it into park then it was fine. until today....another trip to the dealer is now scheduled.....thinking about trading it in now..anyone else with this complaint? and what , if anything, resolved it ?
My door locks are not working all of the time. I am the original owner, but it only has 40,000 miles, so it hasn't gone very far.
I changed batteries on the key fobs a few years ago, when it first started, but there wasn't much improvement. Now that I use the car more frequently, it seems to be happening more often. One day, after not using the car for a day, I went out to the garage, and the car was clicking. The battery was dead. A month earlier, I had a dead battery, and I heard some clicking when I opened the door. The clicking stopped by putting the key in the ignition.

I have brought it in to Hyundai a few times, but since it is an intermittent problem, they have not done anything. One night last week, the door locks would not open for me to get in, but the interior light came on. I had to open the door with the key, but I could not lock the door until I started the engine. It would not lock. This is not the safest of neighborhoods. I have to worry about dead batteries and doors that won't lock. that it is safe to be in.

Would a new security system work if the door locks don't?

I bought a 2005 Tuscon and it has been a great vehicle. Most repair issues were handled under warranty with excellent service. Replaced all brakes at 70,000 miles. I have a 2.7 engine with 4-wheel drive. Gas mileage has been 17 in town and 23 on the road. A little dissappointing considering the small size of the vehicle. The only long term problem has been the air conditioning system. I've had it in numerous times because it would produce marginally cool air and would struggle in 90 degree temperatures. It started blowing warm air last Fall. The warranty had ended and I learned my evaporator core was leaking. I'm having it repaired next week---costs $850.
Problems with locks not unlocking and locking.. What good is a keyless entry??? While riding in the car, many times you can hear the locks going off and on. Will actually do this while the car is turned off. Have left car locked and came back after shopping and car is unlocked... How safe is this?? While car is off for no reason at all the alarm will go on and off. Sometimes have woke up to a dead battery due to this!! Driver seat belt will not alarm if you do not snap the buckle to alert you to buckle up!! Sometimes the car grabs while braking and sounds as if it will fall apart. Had the brakes checked and changed and still have the same problem!! Money wasted!!
Drivers seat at times moves back and forth but not on the part that slides seat back and forth but the just the bottom part of the seat!! Any ideas??? Help is appreciated!!
I bought my 2011 Hyundai Tuscon , I got stranded 3.5 miles from home over thanksgiving 2011, The EPS light came on and could not steer. It was towed to Capital Hyundai in Montgomery Alabama, where service writer said the power steering colum had to be replaced. Well they gave me a loaner and I dove home. came back 2 days later.. No charge. Capital Hyundai lied to me, I dove the car off their lot and stoped .,Opened door and removed the power steering fuse from under the hood 10amp fuse, well good golly! I recreated the problem.. Not only did Capital Hyundai lie to me , they gave me a dirty car. it was not vaccumed out nor was it washed. I am now ready to sell this car. I called and was told they are are franchise, and almost 1 month later, no word from the dealership owner, I had called and left messages..
Yeah, same story, 50K back brakes needed replacing. Must be a fault with these Tucsons
Purchased the Limited 2007 Tucson brand new. Started having problems with the vehicle close to the end of my warranty. Problems included cranking issues, transmission acceleration and fuel smell. Took it to several authorized Hyundai Dealerships and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with the car. They called a field engineer in and the end result was that they voided my warranty because of their "Authorized" Hyundai dealership installed an alarm system without my permission. Now I'm stuck with a car note and a non working car. My advise to people looking into purchasing an Hyundai, well, Don't! Their cars my look good on the outside but they're a lemon on the inside. Plus, do you realy want to purchase a vehicle from a company that will void your warranty and leave you hanging with a car note. In addition, my car is a BIG red flag safety problem and they don't car to repair it. Sounds like another Toyota in the making! You have been alerted!
Bakes seemed to always look rusty. When pressing the brake pedal, I would feel the brakes pulsing.
Failed state inspection after only 10500 miles for bad rear brakes (1mm on both sides). Now I will try to have Hyundai replace the brake pads, and possibly rotors under warranty.
Other than that... love my Tuscon.
the biggest problem ive gotb with the 2007 Tucson city is that in just over two years ive had to replace the brake pads and get the disc machine 3 times, and noone can get my wheel alignment right, my car has only travelled 50,000km since july 2007. has anyone else had this problem?
We own the V6 Limited. A solid, reliable car that I would buy again. Vehicle has had very few problems (with the exception of mediocre gas mileage). We run with headlamps "ON" at all times & have gone through NUMEROUS sets of low-beam lamps. In an effort to curb premature wear, we have begun to turn the lights on only AFTER starting (vs. leaving them on 24/7). Update: After 5 months, the headlamp problem described in January seems to have been solved by turning the lights off prior to start-up.
I bought my Tucson brand new in 2006. It's the lowest model they have - GLS 5-speed manual transmission - and it's awesome! It has A/C, power steering, power mirrors, power windows, cruise control, separate rear window opening from gate, power plugs throughout (which have come in handy more than I expected), intermittent wipers (which vary in speed depending on how fast you're going), and sun visors with sliding extensions (which I've only seen previously in expensive Buicks). Additionally, I routinely get 28-32 mpg on the highway which is usually unheard of in an SUV. The back seat fits a convertible car seat in the rear-facing position even behind the driver & passenger seats without having to scoot forward. The rear seats recline, have adjustable headrests, and are comfortable for adults. Not to mention this thing has air bags on all sides. Can you tell I LOVE my Tucson?
Great car! The only issue is the brakes. Pads get worn out too soon because it's a heavy car. I would buy another one!
I like my Tuscon, plenty of room, comfortable ride, just wish it wasn't 4 wheel drive so i'd get better mpg.
I've owned this car for going on the 3rd year and I love it!!! The only thing I would do different would be leather seats. Great overall car!