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Hyundai Azera (9 Reviews)

The front struts have been replaced. All tires have been replaced. I still hear a rattling noise underneath the car. Sounds like coming from the rear shocks. Also receive noise at start up probably timing chain tensioner. Car is really a disappointment.
5 stars all
On September 9, 2013, I spoke with Cory (Jenkins Hyundai Service Manager), he indicated that new cars have more electronics and computers as a result this car will drain the battery if it is not started or driven more frequently than two weeks. According to him there is no abnormal drain on the cars electronic system. He recommends that I take the car out for a Sunday drive weekly, of at least 30 minutes or more. My experience with other cars (2005 Cadillac STS and 2008 Cadillac DTS), has been that I leave them at an Airport or Seaport parking for as much as a month and they have started without a problem.
We are very pleased with the car overall, but it is our second car and it often sits in the garage for a week or more. When we attempt to start it, it will not start. The dealer checked it and the battery and they claim the battery and car check out without a problem.
Have had engine knock problem for the past 2 years. Can not get it fixed or get information from dealer if this is a common problem. Have found several sites thst say the tensioner may be the problem. Has TSB but dealer will not check.
I researched and drove all of the competitors in the full size market. None compared favorably with the features and creature comforts that the Azera offered. It was as much or more comfortable. The interior touches and controls are logical and well designed. The reported issues with the suspension and noise are non-existent in my 2009 LTD. It is exceptionally quiet and the sound system is awesome. The rear sun- shade and memory driver seat make it a joy to drive.

The only item I can suggest would be a built-in Blue Tooth Hands Free system. (Currently a dealer installed option)

Overall Review:
Memory Driver Seat and the passenger side power seat (not available in most cars unless you pay alot more for it). Th Luminescent and Blue interior lighting makes night driving pleasurable. The Ipod and USB Ports are very handy

A Cadillac ride and comfort with a lot of power and speed at a Hyundai price .
When my husband suggested that we look at the Hyundai Azera I was very hesitant. First because I had never heard of it, and second I had my heart set on a Toyota Avalon. After test driving there was no question which car was superior. The Azera feels roomier and has better quality interior details, and the ride is very quiet. I've had my car for over a year now and am very happy with my final $money$ saving decision.