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Hyundai Excel (3 Reviews)
I bought my 1994 Hyundai excel new. It is a California special sea-foam green we had a/c added the car has 226k miles the interior is in great condition. the paint has lasted, with the color I can find it in the parking lot a mile away. The only major problem was the clutch went out then the manual trans, replaced both no problem. the car does not have enough power to run a/c and drive the car at the same time, the car has good power still. I like Hyundai's I have a 2005 sonata it has 90k miles and it clatters real bad, no one can tell me what it is, yet. I would buy Hyundai's they are good cars, lots of features for the money, but they are starting to get a little pricey.
Traded a friend for one of these and man what a jalopy, I guess the cv shafts were going out and he didn't know it, When you hit a bump the car changed lanes. Don't buy one of these with high miles they belong in the junkyard.
I had my Hyundai Excel for 6 years. It was generally a good car, but of course not as reliable as a Toyota or Honda. It ran great with very minimal problems and few repairs, just a few with the alternator shorting out, but that was easy and inexpensive to fix. After 100,000 miles, all hell broke loose. I have to admit that I drove the car pretty hard, but still this car is just not designed to go much longer than 100K miles. If I had sold it at 100K miles, I would have had only a great experience, so take the following with a grain of salt, and don't buy one of these with high miles on it! At about 105K miles, the transmission went out and had to be rebuilt. The valve cover gasket was leaking oil, but I never got that fixed, as it still ran as long as I added some oil every now and then. Then the air conditioning quit working. After that, it started over-heating. On any hot day, it would boil over and I used to keep gallons of water in the trunck so I was prepared. Of course, when it boils over, it leaves a hard water scale residue inside the motor cooling passages, so with each time it gets a little worse. This is a good inexpensive car which will serve you well as long as it doesn't have high miles, which is fair given the low cost. Good car; buy it young and don't drive it too long.