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Alternator Replacement Cost




$402 to $642
National Average
Estimate includes:


Parts (excludes tax & fees)


Best Practices
  • The entire starting and charging system should be inspected before replacing the alternator to eliminate other problems that may be affecting the alternator's performance. For instance, a weak battery and/or battery cables will result in a failed alternator test.

  • The alternator belt may be partially or totally removed while replacing the alternator, so if it shows signs of wear, this is a good time to replace it.

Common Symptoms
  • A weak alternator can result in dimming of the dashboard lights and the headlights.

  • A failing alternator can cause problems starting the vehicle and may result in a repeated need to jump start the vehicle.

Common Misdiagnoses
  • If your battery cannot deliver 10 volts or more during a battery load test, the vehicle may continue to experience starting problems if the battery is not replaced.

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