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Hyundai XG350 (19 Reviews)
I own a 2005 Hyundai XG350L. It is a nice car. EXCEPT it is DEATH trap, Hyundai KNOWS it but ADAMENTLY refuses to make a simple repair. I think this is a problem with MANY 2003 to 2009 multi-model Hyundais. The SRS electrical harness under the drivers seat is too short to accommodate the engineered seat travel. The harness connection gets stressed or completely disconnected when the driver's seat is moved forward, thus defeating the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS, air bags) and the "seat belt" light stays on all the time, steady. Do a quick Google search on Hyundai XG350 air bag light, you will find a thousand complaints and reports. Hyundai is certainly aware of the issue!! My dealer tells me there is no fix, no recall, and no shop directive. Hyundai NA Customer Relations tells me the same thing. A simple 6" electrical "pigtail" using the same type of connectors would completely resolve the problem. They could have the pigtails made up, and send out shop directives to dealers on exactly how to fix the problem-------unplug existing connection, plug in the pigtail - DONE! I really just want to warn people in my situation of the danger and to also let those people there is NO "official" solution coming. Don't bother looking for a solution, it's a waste if your time. People can make up their own mind on buying a Hyundai, I sure have, but this issue goes to the state-of-mind of the whole Corporation. They.....don'
I really LOVED this car when I first bought it. I've had it going on my third year and it's falling apart ! EVERYTHING is expensive to repair and most mechanics refuse to work on them I've noticed. I could have bought an old beater for what it cost me to have a timing belt put in and now that it's been replaced, the two sensors behind the belt cover are bad. Crankshaft Position Sensor and the Camshaft sensor. I put new front brakes on it and as I was driving home from the mechanic's, the ABS light came on. I found out that the wheel sensor is bad and has to be replaced to get the light off. I'm trading it AS SOON as I get it fixed. I can't very well expect a decent trade in value with the check engine light and ABS light on ! :/ Also I might ad that the rear struts work fine, but make a helluva noise ! If anyone reading this comes across an 02-05 XG 350 or 350L as mine is WALK AWAY !!! Mine looks awesome, black w/black leather power moonroof, LOADED even has rear air but man...what a POS !
I purchased the 2003 used. For maybe the first five years, enjoyed the vehicle. Then the maintenance issues started rolling in. Some were the usual high-dollar maintenances. However, about a year ago, the fuel economy plunged almost over night. It seemed that the car was "drinking" gas as if it had a hole in the gas tank. (previously had a very small fuel leak under the hood, but it was fixed) I had more general maintenance on it: tune-up, and cleaned various systems. It still guzzles gas as if combustion is not taking place. I have checked the usual reasons for reduced gas mileage. Nothing I do causes the fuel economy to return to normal. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. My mechanic doesn't know why the car guzzles gas.
2005 XG350L. It's a great car. Have had it for seven years. 25 mpg.
My dashboard top facing the front windshiled strted to spilit on driver side because of the Sun. I can still push it down and it stays for a day or two, Is there cheaper way to fix it?
I have owned my car for six years now and still love it. It has almost 250,000 miles on it and am hoping it goes another 250,000.
I am having issues with my hyundai. The check engine light has been on for sometime, and the engine codes say "limp home". The car does shift rough sometimes but my main problem is when I am accelerating at high speeds ( 60mph and above) the car shakes/ vibrates. I do not think that it is the balancing of the wheels because it only happens when I am accelerating, if I take my foot off the gas the ride is smooth. I am a single mother and am trying to figure out what the problem is without spending loads of money.
i boughht my xg350 with 86,000 plus miles in october 09, thank goodness for extended warranty, it has saved me many times, the calipier freezes up quite often, is that normal?
sadly, my extended warranty ended in match 11 and since its been a money pit, meaning it all started with a simple oil change and fuel filter change and its been one issue after another and this atm is dried up. to date, i now have 125,000 plus miles, what else could go wrong or is it in my best interest to get another extended warranty?
im really worried about the belt breaking, so i had it inspected by 3 different mechanics, all 3 said it was good, what does that mean in the mechanic world?
i know it will cost roughly a grand for part and labor.
my air condition squeals every time i turn it on, so i just suffer thru the mn heat, what does the squealing mean?
any input is welcome, thannk u
We've had our XG350 for 6 years. We bought it new and have loved it from the start. It's not perfect. The gas mileage isn't great, but for such a big comfortable car with plenty of power, I can't complain. Very comfortable ride, nicely appointed. We have one of the mysterious rattles that others speak of, but it's no big deal. The paint is holding up very well. We had something go wrong with the computer after 50k miles, but the dealer said that such problems were considered part of the emissions systems, thus covered for 7 years and they fixed it for free.

Some evil doer liked our car so much, they stole it right out of our driveway last week, and it was a very said day for us. We got it back, but they had trashed it pretty good, looks like they drove it in a demolition derby. :( I wish they still made it. The model they replaced it with isn't anywhere nearly as nice.
Good car. like a more expensive ones, the problem i had is the suspension and the power steering is not too good. need to be treated with love n care. and i hate the radio it is not good "YES" i will replace it with a better one but the original stinks. i love the conftable heated seats. and lots of space on the trunk. it was a plus when traveling. i love my car,
I bought the 2005 XG350 off the show room floor and I haven't put a dime in it except for oil changes. The only thing is the motor sounds like a diesel.
Worst car I ever owned. The dealer I purchased it from is disgusting. Will fight you over every warrenty issue imaginable. Lester Glenn AVOID them at all costs
I bought the car when it only had 8,000 miles on it. The car is everything I wanted, it is comfortable and dependable. The one bad thing is the radio. It is terrible.
I love my car! It's the most car you can get for the money. I bought this car 3yrs old and only spend 10k on it. It has the feel of an expensive luxury car.
I like this car. The only issue I have with it is that it makes a "rattle / vibration" sound when first started, especially when backing up in cold weather. This goes away after a few minutes of driving. I've seen other drivers on online forums with the same problem. So far no one has an answer for what this is - including Hyundai. Otherwise it's a great car for the price.
I adore this car!
best driving car ever had. out handles a mercedes. could get better mileage
I hate it