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Hyundai Tiburon (21 Reviews)
A week after I bought it from a dealer, with a 50/50 for 30 days, the clutch went out totally. I would be at a stop light, with my foot on the brakes, and the car would take off. If I happened to start it when the shifter was in reverse...yep the car would take off even before I took my foot off the clutch. He never answered the phone and had the dealership locked up. It cost over $3000 to make it safe to drive and that's been over 18 months ago.
While trying to make home from my mother's, 75 miles on back roads, the car would go 35 for a few miles and then take off to 85 no matter what I did. I didn't know until the next day, that my granddaughter was texting her mom telling her how much she loved her and how sorry she was for anything bad she had ever done. When we got to her house she told her mom that she thought we were going to die.
i have a 2007 tiburon ,i bought it from a dealer ship when it had 99k odometer, i used to love that car ,but there is something about it that feels cheap and the v4 engine that i have is so weak which is understandable ,but this car have the best looking body design ever in my opinion , its great for showing off ,but it is horrible for performance
Don't buy! Have had nothing but problems!
I'm the second owner of my 2004 Hyundai Tiburon I love it, it's been a good reliable car, it is a GT 2.7 v6 it's got 117 thousand miles on it, the timing belt hasn't been replaced yet should of been done at 60 thousand, I decided pushing my luck not having it done yet. So I'm going to take it to my local shop on Monday to have it done, I bought the tires their and they did the brakes and tune up on it, the first step is to find a shop you can trust and don't be afraid to ask questions, and do some checking on the repair yourself for information, the mechanic their recommends doing a timing belt kit, that's includes belt idler pulley belt tensioner and water pump, he explained to me why it made since to me, I also check it out on line I agree even more now, it's goanna be a bigger repair bill, but I plan on keeping the car so it makes since, the labor is more of course but the biggest increase in price is the extra parts, but the same amount of work has to be done to do the water pump as well as the idler pulley and belt tensioner, so if you just do the belt and the water pump goes out in 2 months, your fault and you pay the labor all over again, hope this helps.
Bought my 2004 Tiburon new. It had a "Phantom" noise in the back for the first few years, but then it went away. The car has been great. The headlights suck on it. I tried better bulbs and cleaning the covers, but nothing helped. I moved to rural MN and felt like I was driving blind. Oh, the tires suck too. They are a sports car type of tire so don't try to drive in snow with them. I had to buy new tires when I moved to MN. Actually, this car really has no business being in MN. LOL. Mine eats tires and lightbulbs. Not sure why. I'm getting HID bulbs put in this week. It is fun to drive. really I have to turn off my A/C to pass someone. I get a lot of compliments because it's so sharp looking.
Bought a 2003 tiburo with 89K miles for $5k. Car runs good, but have had driver side door window motor failure. Now have transmission failure - the cluch will not disengage, and some shaft is broke in transmission. Steering has a mild but weird tendency to want to continue turning in direction of last turn when I come to a stop. So I cat give that a top score. The AC smelled burnt when fast fan position used and swich got hot- changed cabin air filter and the problem gone, but seems like design issue. Exhaus emmission system required vapor system valves replacement and hose tightening due to error code and pressure build up in gas tank- cheap fix but used my time. All in all a fun car but a "cheap ?" car requiring lots of attention. top marks for stuff that hasn't broke yet.
ok i love my tibby its a 2000 manual ..but i think the computer is bad and really have no clue what to do..ive replaced the alternator batter fuel pump filters will run for a bit and jsut shut warning nothing you just feel it loose power and bam...the lights inside come on check engine batter etc i can get it to start after it sits for about 30 minutes..its not running hot or overheating or such...sso idk..
im thinking the computer got fried when my cousin was messing with some of the old amp wires that were in it before i bought it ive had it for about three years now...was wondering if any one has any suggestions
i have a 2003 hyundai tibron and i can honestly say i love my car but seriously i need some help for my most recent issue i am going threw with it. so my starter i had to get a new one but when it had it fixed and drove away from the shop i went home got outta my car and took out the key and had the issue of about three seconds after the car was turned off it didnt matter whether key was still in ignition or not because after 3sec my dinger sound, my dash lights and parking lights and right turning signal were all freakin out and wouldnt shut off totally wierd so i took the battery terminal off and then about and hour later i reconnected it and COMPLETE OPPOSITE all of the stuff i couldnt shut off now doesnt work at all and addition to it i have no tail lights or windows but i do have brake lights and headlights but not parking light or dash or anything else i said was wrong in begining. i checked my fuses but there all good except the airbag light that i have always had issue with even had dealer fix it but week later still went back to a blown fuse and light back on but never did affect anything. the one thing i had noticed was on my fuse box the tail light fuse was the only one that didnt have any power once so ever running to it. someone please help me out i am clueless and seriously tired of tryin to guess being i dont even have a owners manual which is even more of a problem so anything can only help if not thanks for tryin
I love my car just having problems with either the overdrive or the transmission. 2000 Needs a paint job, great sound but also needs an alignment. going to see about that and my trans. fluid fliter changed also. I haveonlt had it a few months but if something does not give I will give it up. But I really do love this car.
The salesman saw me coming. I, too, needed it for my son. The only thing I cared about that the loan be in his name. I told the "Corvette King" about this over and over. I paid 14,000 for a 2007 Tiburon and guess what- Found out it wasn't in my son's name! Well, you know the rest. I had to sell my car, take over payments for the Tiburon and 4 months later- no coolant in the car. I rarely use the car. I'm retired. I took it up to Day Chevrolet and after 5 hours of waiting, they tell me that the radiator hoses are beginning to leak. Four year old car that was sold by them four months ago. So, Day Chevrolet obviously doesn't check their used cars before they sell them or they sell them with bad parts. Has anyone ever heard of a 4 year old radiator hoses leaking with Tiburon's? Is this a Hyundai problem or a Day Chevrolet problem? At any rate, I'd stay away from both. After a five hour wait, they told me what was wrong, but nothing had been done. It must have taken them that long to figure something out that wasn't covered under warranty, even though leaking coolant is.
bought used from dealer, was taken, my son wanted the car bad, i think i bought the worst car they had on the lot as far as reliability,this car has been in the shop more than he has driven it, severe electrical problems, engine replacement..and wire harness shot, cannot find one used, new is 1200.00, this car is still sitting, have had only since april this year, i was robbed and very dissatisfied with the dealership, thinking of just letting them repo the car, only place it should be parked is the salvage yard, what a bad move on my part to buy this junk.
My 2000 hyundai tiburon has only givin me problems with the fuel relay switch. ive had to replace it 3 times so far cause they keep burning out. i checked the wiring behind the relay and it was burnt and had a bad connection. im wondering if there is a way to get a wiring diagram to replace the wires for that switch?
Great car,runs good as long as you keep up with the maintenance. I have 153,000 miles on it. The only problem is the headlights. Just don't seem to be bright enough like in the 1999 model I had. If that's the least of my troubles I should be happy. Also have an 03 sonata and a new 2012 model. Love this company,love their cars.
I bought the car brand new in 2005, have over 100,000 miles on the car now. Love the car and how it handles. No problems with engine, transmission, or brakes. Paint came off gas cap and spoiler. Had O2 sensor replaced last month for smog check. Sensor won't reset and car cant be smogged until it does. No one can figure out why.
Only problem has been a constant window motor needing replacing on the driver side.Lighting is not as good as my 99 was. Would have rather had the projector lamps that had.Road noise is noticeable but to be expected in a harder suspension as this has.Cornering is great.Overall a good car for the money.Gets good mileage with the proven 2.0 4 cyl. 30+
After owning for over 7 years, I wish I had bought another one then. The car has had very few problems and I still am getting 26mpg on the highway. I still enjoy driving my Tiburon as much today as I did when I bought it.
My 2001 Tiburon currently has 230k miles on it. I've been careful about completing regular maintenance. The struts were replaced at 150k miles along with the original break pads. Wheel bearing on the front left was replaced at about 200k and the front right at 230k (today, in fact).

When the car was still under warranty, an electrical system problem caused the low and high beam bulbs to burn out. I was replacing each bulb every 3-6 months. On the worst night, both low beams went out. The dealer replaced the alternator and several other parts. This appeared to fix the problem.

Overall, it's been an excellent car: reliable with good gas mileage (~30-35 mpg with the standard transmission).
many problems, Fly wheel, BCM, Airconditioning,
I think I got the lemon on the lot. I bought it used, and have had it in the shop for major repairs every other month. By major, I mean timing belt and water pump, body control module, besides the usual maint. like new tires (within three months). They charged me high retail, and used alot of double talk. Very disappointed in the dealership, the car, and myself for buying it on an impulse because it was cute. That came with a price, too, my car insurance doubled! It's as much as my payment. Add the repairs, and you get one of the dumbest things I've ever done, was to buy the tiberon.
Great car. Love it.
just learning about my new car