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I bought my 2009 Hyundai Sonata in 2010. It was a great car and never had any issues with it. Have driven it cross country round trip 3 times. Until I had to have the timing chain replaced and took it to a 'certified' shop near me who failed to clean out the oil pan when they replace the chain and gears. The metal pieces from those old gears got into the oil pump and caused it to fail which caused the lack of oil to the engine to egg the crankshaft so now the engine is scrap. But I won't blame the car for the negligence of a lousy mechanic.
Comfortable ride, a bit noisy with a/c, lots of electronic sensor and other mechanical issues that I experienced and read about but Hyundai has not been responsive to recall or covering under warranty. Buyer beware unless you know a certified mechanic, a backyard mechanic may be ill equipped to diagnose the various computer technological issues with this vehicle.
Battery keeps dying, I guess I have to replace it and I need a relay switch to the fan for the radiator. I go on line to ROCK AUTO PARTS. COM.
I SHOPPED ON LINE AND COMPARED PRICED, ILL NEVER BUY PARTS FROM AUTO ZONE OR O'REILYS AGAIN. VERY REASONABLY LOW PRICED PARTS. I'm on a fixed income so I really have to be fruggle. You should visit this place.
I wrote a review awhile back with my 1990 model. Bought my '15 Limited two months later their no words expressing but WAY TO GO HYUNDAI!!! Just love this car definitely worth excellent value than most vehicles I have put 4,000 miles on it already very careful since more top of the line with great options ever in its class. Its more technology with everything even available panoramic moon roof am getting 35 mpg lots of room very smooth on rough Indianapolis roads includes blind spot warning its too much of a car. I still have my 1990 use as a daily commute at times but really love my '15 Sonata its a great car ever no problems with a thing. Overall glad bought this car was worth $$$ spending getting this new Sonata hope rubs 350,000 miles like my 1990 did but has almost 372,000 miles without breaking down. HYUNDAI RULES!!!
Well I wish we had as much luck as these people who got tremendous mileage and few problems. Our 2005 Hyundai sonata was used we brought it at 55k miles on it, it had a "slight Front end collision" prior we got a great price on the car then about $5600 we paid, looked nice and shiney then. My daughter had a slight fender bender in it, then had to get left light fixed. Then a suirel chewed the wires , of course pep boys in syracuse ny couldn't just check the code and fix the speed sensor for us, no they had to rip us off for the $90 extra plus the after market cost of the part! typical for us females to get ripped off no matter what I try to tell them .. we are surrounded by rip off artist here! The of course we have the tire that's already bad that cost $97 and had a 75k mileage warrenty on it but only got 20k miles, do you think pep boys ever honors there refund replacement policy? NO THEY NEVER DO! They want to charge an additional $65 for a new tire again! and othe rrproblems like Sears liars, and the battery failing 2x, etc etc.. Well just try the highway rip off fir a car any car, here or anywhere, esp if female! The engine is sort of weak, the airconditioniong was replaced for $104, 5k miles later, hot again and no A?C .. (of course we no longer live there).. Then the trim and rubber interior parts keep falling apart.. been glued repeatedly in several areas.. then the computer wiring was messes up for no reason that was another $100 abt, then the wiper blade practically fell off for no reason.. Its ok but the ride is not very comfortable and the car is hot, and cheap, and poor acceleration etc weaker type cheap engine.. its ok for the money but I wouldn't waste too much on it and I doubt it willreally get these great mileages, of course its only a 4 cylinder gl.
I bought a 2011 in late 2010--Hyundai Sonata and it was a big mistake to buy the first model year. With less than 48,000 miles it's been in the shop at least eight times for (thankfully) warranty work (poor quality manufacturing). The car looks nice inside and out but it gets poor gas mileage and has tons of electrical problems. I bought and drove Hondas for 30 years and will return to them after I get rid of this Sonata.
We got this car from my grandpa. It might look like junk but a dependable car wish photo could be available love this car a bunch has over 350,000 miles on original engine. I did put money on some repairs but the car is flawless for a 1990 Sonata the V6 engine is strong gets 30mpg including interstate driving am looking for a 2015 model while will keep this older model as the timeline of history when this generation first came out in 1989 to U.S as a Korean car. LOVE MY SONATA will never sell or get rid of this car just won't die though beat this car all up still never gave me a problem while blowing up with our kids in back (LOL).
I purchased my 05 Sonata (GLS extra version) and now have 178500 miles on it. Other than regular maintenance, I've only had to replace the antenna, "computer to fuel injection" electrical relay, and a circuit board for the transmission. Body still shines, the interior has worn like new and everything is almost perfect. I plan on doubling this mileage at least. While the tranny is a bit harsh under pressure and the gas mileage could be a bit better, still, an excellent value vehicle.
It has been a pretty good car so far. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and runs good, sounds good. Also it gets up to speed. I have a v6 engine and the gas lasts me for a while as well. The only thing I have had to replace is the starter and the typical things like plugs, oil changes, other tune up stuff.
I purchased 2011 Hunyadi Sonata brand new in March 2011 and have been driving it since then. I never had any issues with it. The only thing I have changed is the battery but other than that it runs smoothly and looks great. My family loves it. Omar
We have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata that was purchased in 2013. At the time of purchase the car had 57,000 miles on it and now it has 79,000 on the odometer. The car looks great, but we have had the following problems:

*Dome Light- The dome light is supposed to come on when the car door is open. The light wouldn't come, therefore the dealer had to replace a switch. COVERED UNDER THE 60,000 MILE WARRANTY

*Steering Wheel Paint- The paint is peeling and others are experiencing this problem as well.

*Tire Sensor- One of the tire sensors went bad and had to have that replaced. The constant light on in the instrument panel is a headache.

*Front Fender- The fender cover is easy to crack. We have two cracks because the plastic is so cheap and flimsy. Don't hit anything because it will ruin it. TOUCH IT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

*Fuel Pump- The fuel pump went out at 73,000. I was backing out the driveway and it just cut off. We had it towed to the dealer and they replaced the fuel pump. COVERED UNDER EXTENDED WARRANTY ($600.00 repair)

*Steering Rattle Over Bumps- The steering wheel is now rattling over bumps. They say the part is $9.00, but the labor will cost an additional $200.00. (NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY)

*Gear Selector Issue- Sometimes the car doesn't show the selected gear in the gear box. When this happens, the car usually jerks really hard and acts as though it doesn't want to accelerate.

We also had other problems where the gear shift didnt want to shift out of PARK. This was fixed under a recall.

This car has had several recalls including a recall with the brake system. The radio makes a weird noise at times when the car is started and I don't know what is causing this issue. I also hear a bumping noise that is coming from the back, so this could be something with the suspension. I live in Texas and the AC doesn't start to cool until the car is driven for a few minutes.

I thought Hyundai's were reliable, but we have had so many problems with this car. The warranty expires at 100,000 and it will go back to the DEALERSHIP.


Bought a used Hyundai sonata (pearl white) at 53,000 miles from a local owner. When I first took it to a car wash, I found that the hose chipped off a section of the paint on the roof. More chipping happened on the roof and hood recently after driving in a huge thunderstorm. My insurance company refused to cover that as they stated it was manufacturer defective paint job. Now I have to pay out of pocket for fixing this because the metal underneath has started to rust. Hyundai knows that their paint job is terrible, that is why they only give a 3-year or 36,000 mile warranty on the paint.
I have a 2011 and in the very first year, the dealer replaced. The fuel door did not open, A battery, the started and a sensor. None of this cover under warranty.
Second year, one of the shafts of the front end, and something else on the steering wheel. Also no cover under warranty.
The third year, Cruise control switch, not working, the windshield pump and tips also not working properly. None of this cover under warranty.
After three years of service, my Sonata has a lot of interior issues in many places started to peal, the aircondition does not work properly. All the services has been done by the dealer. And every time is something broken that needs to be replace out of my pocket.

Over all, I think is a nice car. But it was manufactur very cheap. I will trade the car next year. But not for another Hyundai.
Today is 08/2014
Our 2003 V6 has been in the auto repair shop for three weeks now
they repair man says he has one fuel line and that the other is on back order, we even called the mfg, he was nice but still no
results,tired of waiting.
I purchased a 2009 Sonata GLS new in 2009. It now has over 90,000 miles on it and it is unquestionably the most reliable car I have ever owned. Handles nicely, economical to drive, fantastic warranty,dealer service departments very customer friendly and besides nornmal servicing has required nothing. Since I purchased my Hyundai my son has purchased an Elantra and my mother-in-law and my father-in-law have each purchased Sonatas. In addition, I have a new 2013 Sonata Limited on order and will be taking delivery within the month. Needless to say, I am very sold on the Hyundai line.
i love this car.. it has taken me places i have never been before...i hit 200,000 miles with only two bad batteries... the auto store replaced both of them cause they are under warranty...then i had a bad o2 sensor.. easy fix... but now my timing belt has broken. so we have driven the value out of it.. but its always got that special place in our one point it was the only thing we could depend on.. so as for other hyundai owners i am a happy one...
Been a great car so far. I get about 26-30 mpg. Best mpg was 34 on a 260 mile trip. Only problem so far has been the airbag red light came on at about 70,000 miles, and it was under a recall. I love how it handles.
i have this lovly car and i adore it so much thx for korean people but plz dont eat the brain of monky alive like chinese people
This car is a nightmare for me. I brought this car new and the car is now going on 8 years old and it has so many problems. I took it to my mechanic the other day and he informs me that I need: rear hub bearings, a rack, injectors and IAC (whatever that is). Also, my timing belt needs replacing. My car has approx. 120,000. I should have brought a Nissan like my family always did. When I had my Nissan, it was still running at 15 years old. It really did not have any problems. I never had to replace the rear hub bearings, a rack, injectors and IAC or any major parts. I would not suggest to anyone to buy a Hyundai.
I Replace bearings twice and i everytime get knock. I'm getting fustrated and giving up could anyone give some adviceu could mail me @
My problem started very early with this 2009 Sonota that I bought brand new; First the dealer overfilled the engine with OIL; I was shocked and another Hyundai dealer let the OIL out and shamed the dealer for that. Also this car doesnt take over filling of the oil easy. It can cause bad damage to the engine valves. But the worst happened when at 20,000 thousand miles the Transaxle started Bumping real bad at 20 MPH going down in speed. The force from third gear to first was so strong it would stop the wheels into a skid and the force threw me under the seatbelt near the gas and brake pedal. I have contacted the Dept. of Justice on this car because Hyundai lied about the issues and would not fix anyones car and running from the problem. Its major and happening over the U.S. but Hyundai said" They have no other complaints but my car is the only one doing that" and many other sites including You Tube claims overloads of Transaxle problems that could bancrupt Hyundai. Also the Car took off like the Toyotas did a few years ago while I was in Washington D.C. Arlington Cemetery. Yes, for no reason in the parking garage the car starting going up , up and up in speed while I had both feet on the brakes trying to stop the car and almost hit a concrete pillar. The Arlington gaurd security unbottoned their gun holsters ready to fire their weapons . They didnt know what I was going to do when I finally got the Car stopped. This story has been reported to the DOJ in Washington hoping to get them aware of this dangerous and consumer based problem that could cause people to file Bancrupt against this Car and maybe start a minor recession. They really need to look at this Transaxle problem and maybe the Cruise control or throttle body issue before People get killed. I think I had a mild Heart attack while the car went out of control. My issue is if they cant warrant the car 100,000 miles like they claim then dont make the claim in the U.S. Thats all.
I have owned mostly GM autos through out my many years of sales. I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata and I'm almost at 100,000 miles. I have only had to take it in for 1 minor repair since I purchased my car ( n/c to me). This is one of the most reliable cars I have owned. Very Happy with the car.
I have had this car since 2005 and love almost every minute of it.
Very reliable. Fun to drive. Room for everything I need. Comfortable and great visibility from the driver seat.
The 2004 Sonota has got to be the biggest nightmare I have ever owned. I purchased it brand new in 2004 and by 2005 the clutch had to be replaced. Then by 2007 the flywheel, clutch, rear suspension, front axel and transmission all needed replacing. This car is still sitting in my garage and had been since 2007. The only good parts of the car would have to be the body and interior since it was only used less than three years. Stay far away from these type of cars, they will run you into the ground financially. If anyone needs the car cheap please get in contact with me at The car is gold in color.
I remove the ignition switch i turn the key to got out the switch now i can not got the new switch in the key will not go to off .
I bought my 2002 Hyundai Sonata 2.7L V6 brand new in Dec. 2001. Just replaced the timing belt on it for the first time today with 212,000 miles. When checked 80k miles ago was told it looked good and they wouldn't mess with it. Have never had a major issue with this car. The alternator had to be replaced at 195,000 miles (original to the car), and power steering line at over 190,000 miles. Other than that just plugs/wires, oil changes, a battery, brakes and tires. Glad to read others have gone over 300k. I hope mine continues to do this well.

I have a 2010 hundai sonata two years in and there is a dilemma
with my starter.
I had a problem with low idle almost like it wanted to stall. I took it to the dealer repeatedly and they finally repaired it. It runs great again. Just replaced my original set of Kuhmo tires with Goodyear Assurance. Tires are nice but after repeatedly getting them balanced, Sears just informed me that 3 of the 4 dealer installed chrome wheels are slightly bent which is why I no longer get a smooth ride. I will be contacting the dealer to find out why this is....the parts department at Columbia Hyundai was less than helpful and stated that they no longer carry those wheels...I wonder why... I wonder if they will offer a solution. My car is a 2009 Hyundai Sonata...I have not hit any potholes that would have caused this...I hope I can find a reasonable solution.
I bought the car new and it still is like new. I had the brakes done, transmission maimtinance, and just the basics up keep. I love to drive it. It has such great pic-up , even at 135,000 miles. It rides like it is gliding above the ground. The most smooth ride I have ever experianced.As smooth as the Lincoln we had. I would ecomend the Hyundai to everyone.
I bought my 2003 Hyundai Sonata new, and now at 102,000 miles, it still runs like a top. I haven't had any major repairs on it. The only issues are that about 4" of paint have chipped off on the hood, and the interior chrome is chipping as well. Mechanically, it is the most reliable car I've ever owned.