Q: How to reset maxed out stuck speedometer after battery change. on 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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Jump started that night to get home, then replaced battery the next morning and noticed the speedometer hand remains fixed passed 140 mph at all times. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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A couple of ideas
- If the trip reset button is close the the speedometer needle sometimes you can bend a paper clip CAREFULLY slide it in the hole and flip the needle back around. Be careful not to scratch the face of the instrument panel.
- Use a strong magnet and a soft cloth. Put the cloth on the magnet and hold it up to the panel by the needle and move it around trying to get it to move that way. Sometimes it works sometime it don't.
- Go to a shop and have them do an gauge sweep test with there scanner.
Only other thing to do is remove the cluster take the clear lens off and move the needle by hand.
Jason...Thank you so much for your quick reply. Late yesterday I got it going again...this was prior to your reply. Method:1) Drilled very, very small hole about even with but to the right of speedometer hand mounting post. 2) Inserted wire (Has to be alot smaller than hole and bent or curved as needed) into the hole and flipped the hand back counter clockwise to were it should be. There is almost no resistance on the hand, however it took three attempts before I got the wire formed right. Used a toothpick to fill hole with clear plastic filler. It's pretty hard to detect the repair.

I would think that your suggestions along with my remedy with be very helpful to someone that has this same situation. Thanks again on your reply.

Take Care,
Rufus Dockins