Q: How To Reset Check Engine Light on 2001 Honda Odyssey

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My Odyssey was low of transmission fluid so the check engine light came on. I have replaced the fluid put I can't reset the check engine light. Is there a way to rest it without disconnecting the battery cable?
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Pull the clock fuse (passenger side, upper row, 4th back.) Start and run the car. The light goes out and after 30-50 miles, the code won't show on the OBD tester and it will pass inspection.
Thanks so much this worked for me as well, My engine light just popped on one day after the maintenance light did and there was no engine codes, so I changed the oil and the maintenance light went off but not the engine so I tried this fuse trick with no success I then checked the tranny oil and it was not the bright redish pink it needed to be it was turning brown and knew it needed changed so I changed it did this fuse trick again now light is off thanks again!
"Pull the clock fuse (passenger side, upper row, 4th back.) Start and run the car. "

Do i have to insert the fuse back on right after pulling out?
No. Generally what needs to be done involves a professional grade scan tool that can clear the trouble code. How do you know that the light was on because of a transmission fluid-related trouble code?
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