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Q: how to replace Trans oil and filter on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

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How do I change the oli and filter and how long to do this job?
1.Raise vehicle on a hoist (See Lubrication, Group 0) Place a drain container with a large opening, under transaxle oil pan.
2.Loosen pan bolts and tap the pan at one corner to break it loose allowing fluid to drain, then remove the oil pan.
3.Install a new filter and o-ring on bottom of the valve body and tighten retaining screws to 5 N·m (40 in. lbs.)
4.Clean the oil pan and magnet. Reinstall pan using new Mopar Reusuable gasket, (available at your local dealership). . Tighten oil pan bolts to 19 N·m (165 in. lbs.)
5.Pour four quarts of Mopar® ATF+4 (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Type 9602 through the dipstick opening.
6.Start engine and allow to idle for at least one minute. Then, with parking and service brakes applied, move selector lever momentarily to each position, ending in the park position.
7.Check the transaxle fluid level and add an appropriate amount to bring the transaxle fluid level to 3mm (1/8 in.) below the "ADD" mark on the dipstick. Dipstick Markings
8.Recheck the fluid level after the transaxle has reached normal operating temperature (180°F.)
9.To prevent dirt from entering transaxle, make certain that dipstick is fully seated into the dipstick opening.

CAUTION: The use of any fluid exchanger that introduces additives into the transaxle is not recommended.

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