Q: How to replace instrument panel main lights. on 1994 Toyota Tercel

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Instrument panel fuse is OK, but the lights do not come on. How do I access the main illumination bilbs for the panel cluster and the AC/radio area? If the bulbs are OK, what else could be wrong?
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If all the bulbs stopped working at the same time, then the bulbs are not your issue. I would be looking at the headlight and light dimmer switches. It's best to have a wiring diagram so you know which wires to check when diagnosing electrical circuits, I suggest looking here for one:
The problem started when the little plactic piece (on the brake pedal-arm) that depresses the brake light switch cracked and fell to the floor (drynes due to age, I guess) - the metal bracket where that plastic piece was located is scorched like a short took place, but that doesn't make sense. The brake light switch is self-contained with only the contact arm sticking out.
My wife was driving - she said there was a brief burning smell followed by the dash lights going off and the brake light staying on. I replaced the piece on the pedal arm - so that problem is fixed, but the main light that illuminates the instrument cluster and the AC/Heater panel light do not come on. The indicator lights for "all the systems and gauges work", but of course, you can't see them at night because the main illumination light doesn't work.
Thank you for suggesting Mitchell's Manuals. But,I'm not good at electrical diagrams.
I've eyeballed all the wires to and from the fuse block and the brake light switch wires and they all appear in good shape.
My next step is to replace the panel light dimmer switch as you suggested. Is there anything else I can try?
Thank you!!!