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Q: How to fix both backup lights not working? Bulbs and fuse good. on 1992 Toyota MR2

Both backup lights not working. Bulbs good, fuses good. How do I get at the switch that controls these lights? Can it be something else other than the switch?
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There is a switch on the transmission with two wires on it. It is the reverse light switch. When the two wires are bridged together with the key on the reverse lights should work if the switch itself is defective. It is quite easy to replace, it just unscrews from the transmission if it is a stick shift, if it is an automatic transmission the switch I believe is part of the inhibitor switch and is more costly and difficult to replace. Tell me what transmission you have and I will tell you the test procedure and color of wires to bridge to determine what is wrong.
Same advice for a 2000 Buick LeSabre....I too replaced bulb as well relay and revese light still did not come on.
Could my car too need the transmission switch replaced? If so, is it something a person can do themselves?
I have a 1999 Olds Bravada with the same issue ... at first, they worked intermittenly whenever they wanted to. Now they do not come on at all. Can you help me with this?
Intermittant is a sign that the switch contacts have burned and will finally stop flow of electrical current due to pitting much like a starter solnoid or the old breaker point style ignition.Check the switch as stated above by Patrick.
Hi Patrick,

My car is 2001 Toyota Corolla, Auto transmission. I had the same problem.

At first, One backup light did not work. I changed the bulb; but the light still did not work.
After about one year, both light did not work.
I change both bulbs yesterday. They did not work. I checked fuse and the fuse was good.

Can you please tell me if you know the problem?
How much will it cost if I had it repaired?

Thank you very much,

(my email:


My reverse lights on my 93 ford escort are not working. The fuse and lights are good. What is my next step to trouble shooting the problem?
check the transmission wire connection. on the 91 turbo it is located on top of the transaxle. last time i replaced the clutch i missed hooking it up and, no back up lights! it is almost impossible to see without a flashlight and mirror when everything is put back together. other than that there may be a relay in the excessory fuse box and if so they are expensive. about 40.00$ each for mine.
Yes, the wiring could be shorted or broken to brake lights from switch or no power to switch. But if you did what Patrick stated, you should check with an volt/ohm meter for voltage or open to bulb circuit.
My reverse lights on my 2001 Sienna are not working. The fuse and lights are all good. What could be the problem? Please help...
I have a 2001 ES300 Lexus and my reverse lights and plate light quit working. Turned out the hinge on my trunk pinched the wiring and broke three wires inside. The wires on my car are on the drivers side hinge. I sliced them back together and everything works great.
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