Q: how to disarm a triggered anti theft on 1995 Ford Bronco

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the manual states unlocking any door with the key or using the remote unlock will disarm, but my starter circut is still diabled, i.e. she turns but won't fire.
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Happened to me yesterday. I just quickly disconnected the battery. Unlocked and opened the doors. Reconnected the battery. Everything worked fine.
Does the anti-theft light flash when you put the key in and turn the igniton to the on position? If it does, you probably have a bad transponder in the PATS key. PATS keys have coded transponders in them. When you first turn the key on, the anti-theft system sends out a signal and looks for the ID of your key. If the key is not coded to your vehicle or the transponder has gone bad, then you need to get an new key and code it to your vehicle. If you have a spare key try that first, that is the easiest thing to do. If it starts then your original key is bad. It usually costs $100 or so for the key and an hour labor to program it if you do not have two good keys. On certain models it only takes a couple of minutes to program a new key.Good luck.