Q: how to change rear brake seal on right side on 1996 Dodge Ram 1500

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(1) Answer
Remove axle shaft. AXLE SHAFT REMOVAL
1.Raise and support vehicle. Ensure that the transmission is in neutral.
2.Remove wheel and tire assembly.
3.Remove brake drum.
4.Clean all foreign material from housing cover area.
5.Loosen housing cover bolts. Drain lubricant from the housing and axle shaft tubes. Remove housing cover.
6.Rotate differential case so that pinion mate gear shaft lock screw is accessible. Remove lock screw and pinion mate gear shaft from differential case Mate Shaft Lock Screw
7.Push axle shaft inward and remove axle shaft C - clip lock from the axle shaft.
8.Remove axle shaft. Use care to prevent damage to axle shaft bearing and seal, which will remain in axle shaft tube.
9.Inspect axle shaft seal for leakage or damage.
10.Inspect roller bearing contact surface on axle shaft for signs of brinelling, galling and pitting. If any of these conditions exist, the axle shaft and/or bearing and seal must be replaced.
11.Remove axle shaft seal from the end of the axle tube with a small pry bar Axle Seal Removal
NOTE: Do not install the original axle shaft seal. Always install a new seal.
1.Wipe the axle tube bore clean. Remove any old sealer or burrs from the tube.
2.Install a new axle seal with Installer C-4826-1, Adapter C-4826-2, and Handle C-4171. When the tool contacts the axle tube, the seal is installed to the correct depth.
3.Coat the lip of the seal with axle lubricant for protection prior to installing the axle shaft.
4.Install the axle shaft.