Q: How to bypass high pressure switch? on 2004 Infiniti QX56

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A/C is blowing warm air and not cold at all. Power to A/C compressor clutch is ok, refrigerant is fully charged but the A/C clutch is not engaging to turn on the compressor. How can I bypass the 3 wire high pressure switch? which terminal to jump to bypass pressure switch? What is the OMH reading for A/C clutch? How can I trouble shoot A/C clutch?
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Do not bypass anything, everything is working normally, except the clutch. If you are getting 12 volts to the clutch and it is NOT engaging, then the clutch is bad. It will need replacement, which may mean replacement of the entire compressor, depends on the availability of the parts. Sometimes it is available separately.
But what if clutch cycles rapidly and what if it engages only at a high low pressure reading and shuts off at a low pressure reading (on the low port) and only pumps out warm air. But when I bypass the low pressure switch on the accumulator the compressor runs steadily fine. is this a bad low pressure switch? seems an easy fix!