Q: how to bleed clutch master cylinder on 1993 Ford Ranger

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how do i replace a clutch master cylinder
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Fill the clutch master cylinder reservoir with brake fluid, have a friend press and hold down the clutch pedal, with the pedal held down open the bleed screw at the clutch slave cylinder, close the bleed screw with the pedal still held down, let the pedal up press down fully again open the bleed screw at the clutch slave cylinder and repeat about 5 times, check and top up the fluid level and repeat 5 more times until the pedal feels firm. The clutch slave cylinder is located inside the transmission bell housing if it is "leaking" and cannot develop pressure the transmission has to be removed to replace the slave cylinder.
if you have a concentric clutch where slave is inside tranny and are having problems bleeding the clutch check this video n tell me what you think