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Q: how replace fuel filler door. on 2004 Jaguar XJ8

Door was broken off. I have a replacement. Need to know how to get access to mountings
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X-Type Fuel Door Replacement Instructions


1) Remove right rear tire and whell well liner. wheel well liner is held by 2 torx, and 2 plastic nuts
2) Remove nut behind fuel door holding it to the fill pipe
3) Turn strike 1/4 turn clockwise with short needle nose pliers engaged in the two notches
4) Pull the strike out all the way through the fuel door side, just past the plastic strike body. If the strike is to hard to pull out, then cut the fuel door assembly away from the strike using tin shears. The strike/cable assembly needs to be pulled rather hard to overcome a rubber retaining grommet that's holding the cable as it passes thru the trunk region
5) Hold the cable and pull the strike body off the cable, then push cable back in
6) Remove the plastic rivet holding fuel door to body
7) Remove the fuel door assembly
8) Push the strike back into hole in trunk region, approximately at a length where the strike is slightly able to poke thru fuel door assembly
9) Install new fuel door assembly, fishing strike thru hole
10) Pull strike thru the strike hole in the new fuel door assembly untill cable is visible
11) Push strike body back onto strike until it clicks onto cable
12) Push strike back into fuel door assembly fully with metal spring underneath. Strike body will need to be guided back into the grommet hole in trunk region by using one hand in the wheel well while pushing strike into fuel door assembly with the other hand
13) Rotate strike 1/4 turn counterclockwise to lock it into the fuel door hole
15) Install retaining nut to secure fuel door assembly back the fuel fill pipe
16) Re-install wheel well liner and tire

Note1 - These instructions assume you have obtained a fuel door assembly comprised of a fuel door and hinge connected to the assembly that surrouds the fuel filler pipe, which is secured to the fender.

Many thanks -- sounds like a challenge. I note the instructions are for an X-Type Jag. Mine is a 2004 XJ8 -- are these instructions applicable to an XJ8 ? I really appreciate your interest.
I have only worked on a few x-types never an xj8 so, I will see what I can find out for you.
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