Q: How much should it cost to replace a distributor in a 1999 Honda Accord? on 1999 Honda Accord

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The car suddenly stops, loses all power, all dashboard lights come on, and the engine won't start. Happens infrequently, but off and on for several months now.
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I just had a similar problem on my 97 accord. The mechanic said my computer was burned up and I needed to replace my distributor. Charged me $600 for parts and labor. I'm supposed to pick it up in the morning so we'll see if I'm royally screwed or not.

About a month ago, you gave an opinion on cost to replace a 99 Honda distributor. Does that necessarily effect the on-board computer, too. Is computer replacement recommended as part of distributor failure?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I had the same problem with my CRV. After driving for awhile, engine would stall out, engine light, oil light would come on. Waited awhile and started backup. after investigating, i found oil leak in the distributor, which cases misfires, loss of power. It this can be fixed by replacing o-rings on the stem that goes into the engine or just replace the entire distributor unit. I found it costs from 75 dollars to hundreds depending on who you purchase it from. I got mine for 75 from ebay and works perfectly.
you must check the temp of vehicle. sometimes some alterations must be made on temperature gauge when the vehicle comes from europe to africa so that tha meter shows tthe right tewmp. Your car might have overheated yet temp maintains in normal position