Q: How much is a mass air flow censor repair? on 2000 Toyota Echo

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Engine light has been on for a while and mechanic said it is because mass air flow censor needs replacing. The car sometimes stalls a little, especially on hills.
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Hi Roy:

Thanks for your price quote. My mechanic quoted me $179 for the part and about 1/2 hour for the labor, so your response "echos" that quote. But that is an expensive part!

Hi again, Global:

I did what you said-- had the mechanic clean the air flow mass sensor. The light hasn't come on since (about 2 weeks). Two mechanics discouraged me from doing this, but I figured what did have to lose, but a few bucks compared to the $220. The mechanic who cleaned it for me (and now I know how to change the AFMS myself) said the light would come back on eventually. Hope not, but I do not regret going the cheaper route. Thanks very much!!!
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