Q: How much does it cost to replace the ac air delivery mode door actuator chip? on 1998 Oldsmobile LSS

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Was oozing cold air, now quit. Quite blowing hard last year but would cool just took awhile. Was told it would cost $1,000 to replace chip.
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The actuators are located outside of the HVAC programmer and are replaceable. The programmer controls the actuators and is a "black box", not repairable. So yes, the programmer may need to be replaced and they cost around $700 to $1K.
I have a similar problem with my '96 Olds LSS. Air comes out of the wrong places and at the wrong temperatures, though not consistently. Can the actuators be checked without tearing down the car to get at the "black box"? If so, is the $700-$1K cost cited above a part cost or total cost? How much labor is involved in replacing the actuators? Can a DIY guy check these, or does it require specialized test equipment? Thanks!