Q: how much coolant goes into the eurovan, mine seems to be losing fluid on 2001 Volkswagen EuroVan

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light came on and I saw that coolant was low. had radiator flushed and refilled. now level is low again. just how much coolant goes into a eurovan
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Bleeding all the air out cooling system is important in the Eurovan and Westfalias. The Eurovan cooling system capacity fill from dry varies depending on vehicle options and my information doesn't give the various capities but it does say the system uses RED VW fluid G12 type and should not be mixed with the GREEN VW G13 fluid. If you suspect the van is loosing fluid the system should be pressurized using a device that looks like a bicycle pump with a pressure gauge attached to it ,the system is pumped up to 16 or 17 psi and then you look for the source of the leak. The cooling system capacity should be in your owner's manual. Check here or try this link you may be able to down load a free copy of the owner's manual for your vehicle
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