Q: how long should a manual clutch last? on 2004 Toyota Solara

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our car has a 5spd/stick shift.our driving area includes many curves, country roads, but no hills steeper than 1%. at 47000 mi the clutch is begining to slip especially if we need to accelarate rapidly @ med/high rpm's while in 2nd or 3rd gear. my mechanic drove it and concluded clutch worn out....that's kinda quick. most of them go twice that far
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It is unusual for a clutch to go out at 47,000 miles but not unheard off. Have you owned the car from new? How many people have been driving this car? I have seen people learning to drive a stick burn out a clutch in under a thousand miles. I have seen cars in San Fransisco burn out clutches prematurely yet I have easily put 140,000 miles on a clutch.
If the transmission front seal is leaking perhaps oil is leaking onto the clutch causing it to slip.
If its slipping it needs to be replaced soon (or else the flywheel may suffer damage). On disassemble it may be determined what caused the failure but from your description of your typical driving pattern it seems premature.