Q: how long does it take to remove an intake manifold on 2004 Nissan Xterra

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check engine light on and diagnostic test indicates a knock sensor, and wondering how accessible and how long it will take to remove intake manifold, I haven't seen my daughters vehicle yet and want to know what to be prepared for
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the upper intake takes about 1 hour to get off. make sure you get a new gasket.
Was there any other code besides the knock sensor??

nissan has issues with ghost codes on the knock sensor. it usually accompanies another code and if that is the case, you ignore the knock sensor code and repair the other and it does not return.
in your case of it being the only code, i would persue the diag on the snesor. do not assume it is the failure till you get a real diag not a free code pull. a lot of work to replace it.

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