Q: How do you reset computer on 91 Dodge Ram Van B250? trying to turn off Matience on 1991 Dodge Ram Van B350

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trying to turn off Maintence light
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all data says the light comes on at 60k then 82k then 120k at 60k &120k your suppose to rpl or clean egr valve and at 82k repl 02 sensor then connect a diag read out box to reset maint light. sounds like you need to see a mech with these capibilities. hope this helps
Thank you I do know that it comes on at certain millage and I think it is about replacing o2 senser I have one to replace it with I am just not sure how to turn off light once part is replaced or will it shut itself off after part is replaced??
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it has to be turned off with a DIAG READ OUT BOX. call around and see who can reset it for you
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