Q: How do you check the transmission fluid level on a 2002 Infiniti Q45? on 2002 Infiniti Q45

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I just bought a 2002 Infinti Q45 and am wanting to change the fluids. The transmission fluid 'dipstick' is only about two inches long. I've searched for a replacement dipstick and have come up empty. Did Infiniti not use real dipsticks on these cars? If not, how does one check the fluid level?
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Checking A/T Fluid

NOTE: Use only A/T fluid level gauge: Parts No.31086 AR211

1. Warm up engine.
2. Remove the tightening bolt for A/T fluid level gauge.
3. Check for fluid leakage.
4. Before driving, fluid level can be checked at fluid temperatures of 30 to 50°C (86 to 122°F) using "COLD" range on A/T fluid level gauge.

1. Park vehicle on level surface and set parking brake.
2. Start engine and move selector lever through each gear position. Leave selector lever in "P" position.
3. Check fluid level with engine idling.
4. Remove A/T fluid level gauge and wipe clean with lint-free paper.
5. Re-insert A/T fluid level gauge into charging pipe as far as it will go.
6. Remove A/T fluid level gauge and note reading. If reading is at low side of range, add fluid to the charging pipe. Do not overfill.

5. Drive vehicle for approximately 5 minutes in urban areas.
6. Re-check fluid level at fluid temperatures of 50 to 80°C (122 to 176°F) using "HOT" range on A/T fluid level gauge.
7. Check fluid condition.
o If fluid is very dark or smells burned, refer to checking operation of A/T. Flush cooling system after repair of A/T.
o If A/T fluid contains frictional material (clutches, bands, etc.), Replace radiator and flush cooler line using cleaning solvent and compressed air after repair of A/T.
o Install removed A/T fluid level gauge in the oil charging pipe. :4.4 - 5.8 Nm (0.45 - 0.59 kgf-cm, 39.1 - 51.2 inch lbs.)