Q: How do i reset the anti theft code for my Honda civic 2009 on 2009 Honda Civic

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Ainti theft is on what is the code
(2) Answers
Hello, you'll have to consult your local dealership to get the radio code if you don't have it. First, check your owners guide -- specifically the maintenance book. When the vehicle was new, the dealership that originally received the vehicle would have written the code down in the front of the maintenance book. If it's not there, check for a sticker in the glove box or around the glove box door opening. If it's not there, consult a local dealership -- or check out this link online: Once you get your code, you simply enter the 5 digit number and the radio will start working again.
go to this website and you should be able to get the code for the radio and or navigation system.
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