Q: how do I reset break wear light on 2006 Mercedes-Benz R350

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how do I reset break wear light on console breaks and sensors have been changed
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This system is quite simple, the wear sensors have a wire loop in them and when this wire breaks the warning comes on. The sensors must be replaced and properly plugged in for the wear warning to not come on.. Sometimes people try to reuse them because the wire appeared to be intact, but the pad warning does come on. If the sensors are indeed okay, then they are not installed correctly or you have a wiring issue. Make sure the new sensors do not have the wires rubbing on the wheel, this can the warning to come on. I do not know of any reset procedure for the pad wear warning.
I replaced all breaks and rotors on my Benz how do I reset the brake wear light that's on my dash and also if not repaired will it

cause other problems
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