Q: how do i repair evaporative emission leak? on 2006 Ford Taurus

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got code po455 evaporative emission leak where do i start to repair
(1) Answer
May simply be fuel cap. Replace then clear code or disconnect negative battery cable for ten minutes. Generally if light comes back up within 40-50 miles that should be it. If you see cracks around gasket for fuel cap almost for sure that's the problem unless cap left loose. If code comes back up start with finding the evap service port in engine compartment (small green cap on black plastic hose that comes from fuel tank) and inspect all hoses there. Cracked one or anything disconnected that's probably it. If you don't see one you may have to follow hose from tank up. If nothing found may want to replace purge valve which generally located near that cap (fairly small little motor that has at least 2 hoses- one from tank and one to your intake). If not that could be fuel tank pressure sensor. Let's hope just the fuel cap!