Q: How do I get the MAP sensor off? It looks like it's held on by rivets, not screw on 2000 Honda Civic

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It's mounted on the side of the throttle body, not the top ,and there's little room to access the screws or whatever holds it on.
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I've never seen one riveted on, but I know that all the D16 Civics from 96-00 were all MAP sensor on the side of the throttle body.
You have to remove the connector plate, unplug it, take out the two screws on the side, replace the o-ring, and reverse for installation.
If they look like rivets, they are probably stripped. Screw extractors work like magic, and if you have no room to get a drill in there just pull the throttle body, and replace the gasket.
No reason for them to be stripped, as it's the original MAP sensor. Hoping to avoid pulling the throttle body, but may have to!
I understand not wanting to remove the throttle body, but at least if they are studs or rivets you will be able to drill them out.