Q: How do I fix the error code of P0138 on my 2008 Lexus RX 350 on 2008 Lexus RX350

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I have a mileage of 102000. While driving, I saw the "Check Engine", "TRAC" come on, and the "VSC OFF" light is flashing. I checked the DTC, I have a fault code of P0138. What is the part (and the part number) which needs to be replaced? Can I do it myself?
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code P0138 is bank 1, sensor 2 oxygen sensor circuit voltage too high. this should be the front sensor after
the catalytic converter. this repair is best done by a
shop; it is not labor intensive but you will need a scanner to clear the code and a lift to access the sensor. expect $177 for the part and $100 or less labor.
I don't know what my code was, but the Lexus dealer said it was my o2 sensor also, cost $466 to fix and the next day I had the same problem. I was driving for about 1 hr and the the check engine & VSC on again. At the Lexus dealer - running the codes. Lets see what they find NOW. How many times will I have to pay for this?
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