Q: How do I change or install a Headlight and or Corner Light on 1994 Toyota Camry

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Someone vandalized my car and took out the driver side front corner light and also broke part of my front driver headlight. How do I install another corner light ? I cant seems to fit my hand inside or that I have any room to put my hand through as it would seem like that would be the only way to install it in or is it ?
Is there a book that would show me a diagram or drawing of the headlight assembly or how to install the corner lights, headlights or all the front lights ? Is this an easy thing for a repair shop to do ? I have a 1994 Toyota Camry, Automatic. XLE
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Sorry to hear about your car. If you open the hood, there is one screw that holds the parking light to the car. It is just inside the fender, opposite the parking lamp. Once the screw is removed, the parking light should swing out. The owners manual may have something showing images to change the lights. I've heard Toyota has really good instructions for the lights