Q: How come there is no estimate on transmission replacement on any model????? on 1990 Buick Regal

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There is no estimates on transmission replacements??? ( take bad transmission out and put new one in )
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This is what my labor rate program shows;

Tranny remove and install 7.6 hours
(average around here is about $600.00 to $800.00)

Remove,Overhaul and Install 17.1 hours
(I would have to call my tranny guy to get this estimate)

If your installing a used tranny they will also
charge for fluid,flushing cooler lines and misc.

Also owners choice;New filter and gasket,seals and misc.

Optional while tranny is out;Tranny mount/s,lines possible switches,sensors.

Price on used tranny depends on mileage. will
show salvage yards in your area.

Price on complete job would require calling at least 6+ shops to
see what they would charge and ask about there warranty.