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Q: How can I tell if the water pump is bad? on 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

If I sit and idle the car will overheat but when I drive it comes back down to the correct temperature. I can also hear a repetitive clack sound (about a clack a second). I was told it didn't sound like engine noise. Is it possible that the water pump is making this sound. I see no coolant leaking from it or any wobbling. I can't figure where the clack sound is coming from. Please help!
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squeeze the radiator hose upper and lower while the car is running, "be careful it my be hot and close to moving parts" you do not want to get burned or loose a finger or hand. if the hose dose not have pressure pushing back its bad, leaking coolant around the pump a squeaky
sound that changes with the rpm's of the motor.
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Sounds more like electric engine cooling fan may not be working. Movement of the car will cool radiator but when at stops it has a cooling fan that should come on when tempuature reaches a set temp. Approx 210f
I agree with Milesauto, the fan may be malfunctioning,you should check your under hood fuse panel,or have some one with a test light see if there is power going to it,is there is, you need a new fan
I've had the fan relay replaced because the fan wasn't engaging. It works now. The car actually used to get hotter faster before this was fixed.
There could be something in the water way preventing safe passage ,even if it is something very small, it would still cause a restriction.there are a lot of edges that things could get hung up on,even small amounts of dirt or all adds uP over a flush can help clean out your radiator as well.and in the long run, prolong the life of things like your water pump,radiator,and so on.
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I suggest you have someone with exsperance listen to that noise you mentioned. I will not comment on a noise I cannot hear, but it could be key in finding out what is wrong. I fear since you say the cooling fan had not been working but it is now could have already allowed damage to occur to engine. Flat out a waste of money having coolant flush before the problem is diagnosed. Coolant flush is a maintenance preventave mesure. That rarely if ever fixes anything.
I don't make it a habit to hash things out with others in my profession. We all have our own ideas as to what the problems might be in every vehicle that has an ailment,but I will agree with Miles, it is best to have it checked by some one close to you who can hear and see what is going on,it is difficult to correctly diagnose something with out being there.this site is primarily for giving ideas to those who may have no idea at all.
I hope we have helped you in some form or another.
It will either make the belt screach,or you might have a slow leak through the small pin hole in the bottom of the water pump that will drain your water making you over heat.
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