Q: Horn randomly honking on 2001 BMW X5

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I purchased my 2001 X5 new and have loved the truck no problems with it at all. Recently, however, the horn started honking randomly when driving it. The problem is sproradic and stops if you stop the car and restart. The truck as 130,000 miles on it. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks!
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HI, I had the exact same problem in my 2001 X5, when i would turn left or right the horn would start going off, i took out the center horn/airbag unit from the steering wheel (remove airbag fuse first) then to my amazement i found a small hex headed screw floating around hitting the horn contact, I checked all screws to see if any had somehow come loose but again, to my amazement all screws were in place. The screw matched the type of screws in place of the steering wheel. Just took out the screw, pushed the horn unit back and that was it !!
many thanks i had a spare screw i left in accidetly from changing the facia on the steerin last week just taken it out the jobs done took 2 mins
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