Q: help Check Engine light on 2000 Mercedes-Benz C230

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The Check Engine light started coming on after 5 minutes on the road. Sometimes the fuel gauge empty light starts blinking, and sometimes the dashboard 'lights on' icon is lit when the lights are not. All this just started this week.
Does this sound familiar? Looking for help.
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There is a TSB for the fuel gauge problem: Instruments - Fuel Gauge Inaccuracy

Date: February 7, 2002

Order No.: P-B-47.10/16a

Supersedes: P-B-47.10/16 dated October 1, 2001

Group: 47
Models 140, 170, 202, 208, 129, 210, 220, 215

Fuel Gauge Enhancement

New fuel sending units have been developed which use a thin layer of gold on the contact fingers. If you encounter instances regarding fuel gauge inaccuracy, install the new version fuel senders after verifying that no other faults exist. Please also review the contents of DTB 47/00 (issued in Group 54 on August 14, 2000 as MB-Net 386) regarding Instrument Cluster applications. Dealers are advised to return any stock of the old version fuel senders to their facing PDC for credit immediately, using the regular PRP system.

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You need to get the code read. You've got a little problem but I found no specific Tech Bulletins that apply.
Thanks all! Funny but instructive... I dropped into Midas for a fault code check and the lady suggested I check the gas cap first! Yep. I forgot to tighten the cap! She said the check engine light should go off in 2-3 days.
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