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Q: Hello, What is the amperage draw front headlight low beam Also the marker light? on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

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Because Im having a problem with
the driver side head light,low beam.
When I turn my head light low beam on
It doesn't light up and lamp out lights up on
on dash. I used test light on passenger
headlight and test light lights up and blinks.
When I place test light on drivers side head light
Wires the test light lights up. No blinking.
So I splice marker light wire and connected
Driver's side headlight. Now both headlamps
are working. How long can I leave the
headlight connected to marker lights wire
Circuit without damaging anything else
on vehicle and can this bypass wiring
cause a fire to vehicle.
Take that test light and test ALL fuses to start with!........ THATS ALL FUSES!..... With key AND headlights on... Low beam selected! .. Next check wiring to the FCM (Foward Control Module) may be corrosion in the connector, common problem.
Depends on the bulb standard Syvania headlight bulbs for that truck takes about 3.9-4.3 Amps each so 7.8-8.6. The other bulbs take about 0.6 amps each bulb on low like tail lights and parking lights and about 2 amps each bulb when bright like blinker and brake lights
FCS for the truck's TIPM is probably blown. When the headlight connectors short circuit it fries the whole box because the engineers at Dodge apparently never heard of using a fuse to provide circuit protection. It's a common problem and was subject to recall for 2007 and later vehicles, but not 2002-06 for some reason.
It costs about $800 to replace a the dealership. $550 if you buy the box yourself and install it. DON'T get a used one! It's probably already blown, that's why it's for sale.
Replacing it yourself involves disconnecting battery ground cable, removing the TIPM's mounting bolt to the right, the power line-in bolt to the left, a small trim screw in the front. Slide TIPM towards center of engine to free it from slide holders; you can see them by looking down into the front side of the truck's battery box. Then lift up and disconnect seven color coded electrical connectors on the bottom. On these connectors, pull the red tab down, press into the side of the connector below the tab to release the pivot arms, then pull out connector while juggling the pivot arms.
Install the new TIPM in reverse order. Connectors in, slide TIPM into holder, install mounting bolt, trim screw, connect the power line. Reconnect battery ground wire.
Go to cab, place key in ignition, using a stopwatch turn the ignition on for exactly 12 seconds and turn off again. Then start the truck normally. All lights and gauges should be working normally.
If not, take truck to dealership to have TIPM programmed for your model of truck.
connect the WiTech scantool and select TIPM, then Misc Functions, then click Reconfigure TIPM. The files are downloaded to the TIPM for which options your vehicle has and then you need to disconnect the WiTech and turn key off, doors shut for 1 min. Then you can start it up and the TIPM will be programmed to the vehicle.
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