Q: Heating doesn't work on 1996 Lexus ES300

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Just recently I bought 96 Lexus ES300 and found out as I was driving, that A/C and front & rear defogger works perfectly. However, the heater would not work even when I set the temperature control to Max Hot or above 80 degrees. Only the cold air comes out. What could possibly be wrong with this?
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A blend or recirculation door is stuck open or closed. These doors can be difficult to reach because they are buried under the dash.
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Most mechanics would start by diagnosing the problem with the car in the shop. Our diagnostic charge would be between $45.94 and 91.87.
Thank you for your reply. How about the cost of fixing it based on your assumption on this problem?
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It would be hard to estimate because there are several doors. Some of the doors are harder to get to than others. If the entire dash board needs to be removed you are looking at over $500.
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