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Q: Heating blow warm / leaking antifreeze on 1992 Chevrolet Caprice

I replaced the thermostat heat was blowing out hot, but could smell antifreeze thru the vents, Replaced heater coil stop smelling antifreeze, but heat blows out luke warm. Losing antifreeze but it isn't leaking outside the car. What could be the problem?
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If it overheated bad enough before you replaced the thermo you may have head gasket problems. Did you pressure test or add dye to coolant to make sure has no external leaks?
No, I didn't pressure test or add dye to coolant. Do I need to replace head gaskets or intake manifold gaskets or both?
Well pressure test or add dye and look with blacklight for dye glow to make 100% sure there is no outside leaks that is causing the coolant level loss. If you do end up doing the head gaskets the intake manifold has to come off for access. But the main thing is to locate source of coolant loss before any teardown.
Can I take it to repair shop and ask them to do a pressure test or add dye to find the source of the leak?
You bet you can. I recommend that if you have any doubts of your diag ability. You can have them diag and show you the problem, you always have that right. Then if you feel you can tackle it then do it. If unsure have them do it for a reasonable price with a good warranty. Some shops nowdays are tied in to parts houses like NAPA or CarQuest and the warranty can be good in other states because of the parts house tie in making it so you can move and still have warranty. I am unsure if warranty like that can transfer if you sell the car.
I am single mom. Don't know to much about cars decided to use the internet as guide to help find a solution to the problems I've been having with my Chevy that I've grown to LOVE! Appreciate the advise!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Ok, so when you have a shop do that for you if you have one you trust then stick with them. If you don't then have a friend recommend one they trust and have them go with you the first time in because when a shop has a regular customer they want to keep them happy so they will jump thru hoops to please you and make you both happy. Look for a shop that has ASE certified techs and if they have a Master Tech ask to have him check it out. Guys such as myself that are Master Tech's have "been there done that" and really leave no stone unturned to figure out the problems. All certified tech's do a fantastic job to just be certified and they are the ones who are not afraid to show their professionalism by taking and passing the tests to show it. Good luck and hit me back with what they find.
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