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Q: Heater not working on 1997 Toyota Tacoma

I checked the heater control valve and flushed the heater core so hot water is flowing thru. Blower works fine and so does a/c, so what else can it be?
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Hello, were you able to solve this problem? Was there a problem inside the heater unit under the dash?
Good to hear you got the issue resolved. Was there a lot of stuff in the cooling system? How many miles do you have on your Tacoma? Do you think this was from lack of maintenance or something else?
I checked the heater core again and it needed flushing again. I went ahead and flushed the whole cooling system and the heater works great now. After all, the temp dropped down below 70 here in fla so I was desperate. Thanks for your response bretb.
Actually it wasn't bad at all.I probably just did a hurry up job on the heater core. I've got 198k on it and had the radiator flushed at a shop ($$$) at 164k 2 years ago. I seriously doubt that they flushed the core too. I'm retired (not completely voluntary) and been delivering papers for 4 years. That calls for 50 miles a night 7 days a week, lots a stop and goes, and even more turn arounds and cul de sacs. Only significant repairs have been a rear axle seal, new power steering unit, brake pads and tires once a year. Gotta luv this truck. Oh yea, it hic ups sometimes when I'm idling and in gear but yet doesn't miss when driving. That"s got to be one of the many sensors they equipted it with.
What exactly was the problem with your heater?? Mine is blowing out hot air on driver's side and cold air or hardly any air at all on the passenger side. Defroster on passenger side is cold or hardly any at all also. I live in Illinois and winter is about to start and Idrive 80 miles a day starting at 3:30am. Need to try to solve this problem as soon as possible, because unlike Florida, we get weather that is BELOW 0 DEGREES. I would love to have 70 degree weather...just so you know. Anyway, was just curious if your problem was similar to mine in hopes that it will help me out. Thank you.
My problem was cured the 2nd time I flushed out the core. I get lots of hot air but it comes out all the vents at once no matter which position (lower, upper or defrost) it's on, although the volume shifts somewhat between vents. I figure there might be some blockage (leaves, maybe) in the vents around the flapper(?). As long as I have heat, I can live with that. Some kind of blockage might be your problem too. Good luck!
I had the same problem and suspected the heater core which would cost 1200.00 to replace because the dash has to come out. I replaced the radiator and 4 thermostats and the problem remained. The problems was solved when I spoke with a mechanic in church. He said that he had the same problem 10 years ago and it was the water pump. I replaced it and my problem was solved. Fred in Maryland
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