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Q: Heater fan motor on 2006 Scion xB

I am being quoted for 6 hrs labor to replace the AC/heater fan motor on my daughters 2006 Scion XB. How big a job is this for a average to fair do it yourself guy? It doesnt look like 6 hours to me. Does the whole dash have to come off? thanks!
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The job is as it looks..easy. It only calls for .5 labor to change this fan motor out. I would run from the shop that said 6 hours!
I looked this up and the job pays less than 1 hour of labor, so my data is missing something or they are way off. I suggest getting a repair manual and doing this yourself, here is the one I looked at:
Get you car out of that rip off shop!! The labor guide only gives 1/2 hour labor to replace this blower motor.
Surely you didn't walk into that shop with a sign on your forehead that read "sucker" or "money bag"!!
Can anybody chime in on this? i am doing this job on a 06 scion xb that has a debris noise in the blower motor..
and it does look like the dash needs to come out at a minimum.
Just did mine tonight. Took a couple of hours. Would take 30-45 minutes to do another. No dash removal. 2 screws hold the computer under the plastic shell that holds the blower motor. 4 screws and 2 clips hold the 2 piece shell together. Remove screws and clips and remove lower half of shell. 3 screws hold motor to upper half of shell. remove those and the motor falls out. Unhook wire harness to motor and resistor. A new resistor is around $30.00 so I would replace it as well since to me was harder to get out with the shell fully assembled. Hope this helps. 4 Miller Lites or beverage of your choice make the repair a little easier.
FYI some 2006 have the same as 2005 model design that call for 5.8 hours and is very hard to do.
I applicable, this is excellent information. These types of mid year changes can be difficult to estimate without physically seeing the vehicle. Let's hope Byron had this resolved for the appropriate price.
I have 2 '06 xb's and am going to do this for a friend of mine in his 05. You have to pull the entire (upper & lower) dash, steering wheel, column shrouds and switches as well as pull the heater box off the firewall. Once the box is off, you have to remove the servo motor, resistor and THEN you can unbolt the blower motor.
While this isn't a huge job, it's nothing a beginner should try to tackle. I was a professional mechanic for over 20 years. Even though the flat rate books list the time, there are usually workarounds to cut the time...but there's no way this job takes .5 hours to do.
Amazing..............I just looked up the labor time for the 2005 Scion XB & it clearly showed 1/2 hour to do this job!!! I was using Mitchell On Demand Labor Estimating Guide.........what are you using..........S.W.A.G. (Scientific Wild Ass Guessing)???
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