Q: heater fan does not work on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

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heater fan does not work. how do you fix this problem?
(2) Answers
I agree - start with diagnosis - however short of that it isn't that hard to take it out - it is located on passenger side -behind Glove box - couple screws in the plastic covering and you access the area from the floor area - also right next to the compartment filter - which you should change ever few years. working upside down for me, a 60 yr old. I have had to work on twice due to weird noise - which after first time I learned was a leave - fell out when I got in there. apparently crap can easily enter system... anyway - a thick leaf stem could and did in my 2nd case stop the motor from spinning. There are 3 screws on blower unit that take a tricky screw driver long and thin (may be star drive- cant remember) There is a electric plug to - easy to unplug. As you may be able to tell I'm not real techy but I could do it no problem just time (couple hours) FIRST time I didn't even take out the motor - just had spin it till the leaf and crap came out. Second time the stem was in there - dropped motor down, cleaned out stem, good to go. Hope this helps - if you drop the motor, clean out the crap - you can plug back in and check if it runs - if not check junk yards for replacement or parts store.