Q: Heater Blowing Cold Air on 1998 Ford Escort

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I have a 98 Ford Escort. I have taken it in to 2 dealers. Both have told me that a blower switch was stuck on cold. They switch it to hot and replace then it stops working after 2-3 weeks. What do I need to do to adjust the switch myself until I can afford to have it looked at more closely?
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The hot-cold adjustment knob adjusts the TEMP via a cable and some gears at each end of cable. The far end of this setup from the hot-cold knob is a round wheel (gear) that connects to a shaft that apparently mixes hot and cold air. The round gear is located on drivers side, under dash, about mid lower leg area. If yours fell off while in COLD, then thats what you get, cold air. Mine just pulls off from shaft with no resistance.
A blower switch controls the fan speed, not the temperature. Are you having a problem with the blower fan operation, or the temperature controls?
Sorry, the blower is fine (low to high settings all work fine). The issue is that it is blowing only cold air. As I said, the dealers tell me that there is a switch that get stuck on cold. They switch it to hot and it works for about a month before it starts blowing only cold air again.