Q: Heater blower motor on 2005 Scion xB

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I had my car diagnosed at a repair shop for, what I feel like was a wasted $48, and they told me what I already knew: heater blower motor is out. The first quote they gave me was $291 out the door. After I got a few more estimates that were a lot higher, I went back to this same shop to make sure their estimate was right. The second time, the guy tells me he wants to replace the part with an OEM part and the price would be $339 out the door. I go back today to have the car repaired and now they're telling me that their computer had a glitch in the system and the repair cost is not a two hour job but a 6 hour job and the new estimate is $910!!!! I got the heck out of there fast. Your website estimates at $185. Is this correct? I really need my car repaired but I'm trying to avoid getting ripped off.
(2) Answers
diags are never wasted money spent. you knew it was bad?? what if you were wrong??
anyway, you need to go somewhere else and get a firm bid from a good shop. the one your at sounds fishy.

The blower motor labor per a labor guide I referred to is about a half hour labor to replace. The part is about $145 according to the same guide. Depending on the cost of labor at the shop you are dealing with, it should indeed be about $185 or so.

Perhaps inquire as to the cause of significantly increased labor. Did they mean Heater Core? That would approach 6 hours... There is definitely a disconnect there. Good for you for using the RepairPal estimating tool as a point of reference!