Q: Heater Blend Door on 2001 Ford F-150

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Mechanic says that I may have a blend door problem. Everything checks out ok but the heater does not blow real hot air when on low or high. Heat does come on at first for a few minutes then it turns cool. Is this a common problem and I would really like an estimate from another source.


(2) Answers
I just replaced my blend door on a 1997 F-150. has a replacement door and replacement process that you can do at home in 2 hours and save $1,000 in mechanic bills. No need to pull the dash board off. I'm a shade tree mechanic at best and I did it myself. You need a dremel drill and confidence.
It is not "common" -- blend door issues do happen, but it's not usually something that results in hot then cool, or changes of any type. Usually with a failed blend door actuator, you will have cold when expecting hot or vice-versa...and you'll have a repetitive clicking noise as the stripped motor tries to change the door position.

I'm thinking your thermostat may be sticking open at times causing the engine to cool more than usual. Also - do you have the digital temperature control? If so, you could have a temperature sensor issue.