Q: Hearing knocking/rattling noise on Drivers' side on 2007 Chrysler Sebring

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I am hearing a rattling or knocking sounds on the drivers side of my vehicle. I hear the noise at all speeds, but I can hear it better when I am driving on the streets rather than on the freeway. The dealer said it was the rack and pinion steering; however, I am not having an difficulty steering the car. The noise is just disturbing.
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You could have a loose tie rod, sway bar link, strut or something else. If a shop suggests a repair, I recommend you have them show you how they came up with that determination. They must have experience with the specific noise or saw something during an inspection that was loose.
Thank you for responding. Where do you suggest I go to have the item you listed checked. I am not sure what or how the dealer checked to come up with their diagnosis. I do no want to pay that much money unnecessarily.
My 2007 Sebring made the same noise @ 25,00 miles. Here is the answer. The exhaust passes too closely over the Power Steering Rack & Pinion expanding the tubing of the hydraulic cylinder and thinning out the fluid. Remove the existing heat shield, stretch out a starter insulation wrap from O'reilly's over the length of the Steering unit, change the fluid and replace the Factory heat shield. I figured this out on my own, did it and the noise is gone. If the car has too many miles on it the Steering may need to be replaced anyway, about $450 to $600. Factory Heat Shield was on the right path just not long enough. Best to you all. Don
I'm having the same problem with our 2008 Sebring Convertible. It's been to the shop several times. Under warranty, sway bar links & bushings have been replaced twice. They also replaced the steering gear once; helped for about 20,000 miles and the noise came back again. On drive tests, the mechanics have heard the noise, have gone over it thoroughly, but are scratching their heads as to what's wrong / how to fix it. The noise only starts after being run for 15-20 miles; goes away when it cools down. Would sure like to know if anybody has found the fix to this.
Had to replace the Rack and pinion steering last week. Noise so far is gone.
I have the exact same problem with my 2008 Sebing touring about 85000 km. Dealer replaced front rotors, cleaned brakes($500 ) and replaced left half shaft( No charge ). The problem is still there after about 20 minutes drive. However it will go away if left sitting for a few hours only to return after driving 20 minutes. They tell me it could be the dirty coil springs causing the problem but did not offer to fix it. This must be a common problem but no one seems to have found a solution. Please let me know if anyone solves it.
Believe it or not its the cowl on top of the engine. Remove it and it will go away. I put some washers on top of the mounting points to take up the slack and put it back on. No noise
Hi Where is the cowl on the motor ? Not sure where exactly its located ,can you show me the location or explain ! Would really appreciate your help, Thanks a bunch ! Sincerely, Frank
I'm having the same issues with my 2007 Sebring. Multiple repairs have been made but the noise still exists. Please let me know if you find a remedy.
I am having the same issue with my 2008 Sebring Convertible. I have had it in the shop numerous times since purchase in April 2010. Noise can be duplicated but "no idea where to start". Very scary!
Had to replace the Rack and pinion steering last week. So far the noise is gone.